: Suck

I want you to lick my clit.
Pink-pearlescent love bead, doused in silk gasoline,
Run your tongue all over,
want me, the taste of my
Luscious laps
 tip sliding to unfold:
I am beauty botanical, unfurling at your
Lips, use to caress, coax me.
Draw me, in pools, from within.
  Ecstasy escaped in moans, my body
wirewool wound;
fingertips, pressing, mattress-excavating.
Slip,  sip,  slurp,
 let my liquid over your chin,
beard-mingling, strands glistening.

: Suck (reading audio – use headphones for best experience)

Published by Ciona Bhachu Nankervis

Multilingual, British Indian (Panjabi) writer and artist from Birmingham, UK.

8 thoughts on “: Suck

      1. i did read that. that did share, the goal of this blog, but nothing much really about the person behind all of this.
        is this the space, wherein you feel the most free or rather ‘you’?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. This space is to express aspects of myself that are arbitrarily censored on other platforms. I have intentionally left out further information about myself as I would like the posts here to provide an insight (not, by any means, a complete picture) into the way I experience and communicate sensuality and, also so that visitors to the site can share, feel and grow comfort in that part of themselves in a safe and non-judgemental space (it goes without saying that this is an adult site).


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