Three-Part Peep Show – 1

Published by Ciona Bhachu Nankervis

Multilingual, British Indian (Panjabi) writer and artist from Birmingham, UK.

6 thoughts on “Three-Part Peep Show – 1

  1. I find these tremendously alluring, at least partly because of the peep show feel—it feels as though I’m seeing something I shouldn’t be seeing.

    Thank you for the comment, by the way. I’m thrilled that you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen and I hope that continues.

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      1. I completely agree, and I love how you put it: almost alarmingly intimate. I look at these and the arousal is instantaneous—the slight jiggles of your breasts, the twists of your shoulders, the movements of your arms. Scintillating indeed.

        And thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my words as well as my photos. Hopefully I’ll keep you coming back.

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      2. That makes me very happy to hear- thank you.

        For me, arousal resides in the details. What is beautiful is that everyone has their own keys to it, it is unique to everyone- I find it so intriguing.

        And, no doubt, I will be back x

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      3. Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I’ve decided to shut down my blog. I commented to you on one of my posts but I think I deleted it and the comment went down the drain with it. I know we only connected here briefly but I felt I should let you know. All the best to you.


      4. Hi. Good to hear from you.

        Oh, that’s a shame. Is everything okay? Noticed that it’d been quiet on your side. I didn’t see the comment; no problem, though.
        Thank you for your consideration, I really do appreciate it. I’d like to stay in touch, if that’s something you’re interested in- perhaps email, or instagram? Take care of yourself 💜


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