Infographic #6 : Masturbation!


Masturbation increases your heart rate, boosting blood flow and oxygenation to the skin and other organs

Masturbation stimulates the release of oxytocin a.k.a. ‘the love hormone’ (sang to the theme of 70’s US sitcom ‘The Love Boat’)

Masturbation aids in relieving stress and tension (not just the sexual kind!)

Masturbation is completely natural, and not selfish, or sinful!!

Masturbation increases awareness of your sexual likes, dislikes, turn-ons and boundaries, and connection to your body through self-exploration

Masturbation helps to provide relief from physical pain

Masturbation helps to tone muscles in the anus and pelvic floor

Masturbation can help improve your self-esteem and body image

Masturbation is fun, feels good, and does good!!!

Published by Ciona Bhachu Nankervis

Multilingual, British Indian (Panjabi) writer and artist from Birmingham, UK.

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