100% Authentic Human

There is nothing erotic about the elderberry fissures of stretch marks, or skin that proves itself like buttery, glutenous dough.

Oh – no?

There is no beauty in how my body shapes and folds itself to home my evolving, living essence, in bones that stretch and have cracked through time to frame a changing, infinite entity?

You are wrong.

I am sexy, I am strong, I am healthy: I am whole.

Secret Date: Table Tease I

You and me, baby. Let’s meet up.

In a public space, a place we both know- the café-pub-bar where the staff are our mutuals.

We sit at separate tables, out of reach, but within view: you see me and I see you.

I order a hot chocolate, you, a beer, coffee or wine.

It’s quiet- it is just after noon. Winter feels flushed with heat rising from our chests, travelling through our necks, radiating into shoulders- it’s a wonder our chins aren’t aglow. We are fireflies, flitting, testing…

“Hey you”, I say, lighting up your screen. Your dick twitches in your jeans and you burn for me. I’ve seen how hard you get for me- you’ve shown me.

We’re going to make each other wet with words: digital touching, under-table fondling, exchanging flustered, sweaty, stolen looks…