To suck,
To fuck,
To tuck away

your little secrets

inside of me,

Every thrust a deep confession in my walls.

My pussy is your church, and we incant

illicit ceremonies

in slick satin and blood-velvet cushioning.

Reprise. (reading audio – use headphones for best experience)

Bell, Book and Candle

I take a Bible and place down its leather-
bound body, upon which to rest my knees.

The chime around my neck rings scintillating,
a small nutshell bead rolling around in metal casing.

My hands are wrapped at the wrists behind
my back, my body is bare. Flesh is tasted by
candlelight, a licking, flicking flame:

I know
you’d like to whip your tongue in me.

My eyes gaze up, languid pools of earth-chocolate melt,
and my mouth is your glistening pink dominion-

I am sticky-sweet between my thighs,
running sugar-peach syrup.

(title after the Kim Novak and James Stewart film,
after which the magick shop in ‘The Good Witch’ series is also named)

Bell, Book and Candle (reading audio – use headphones for best experience)