: Lap

You pushed your tongue inside of me
Firm, steaming muscle
And made me spill inside your mouth.
Sipped, drank the tsunami, then
Poured a kiss into my lips.

Palms around arms: intention, tight
You gave your seat;
Flesh pressed into fabric
My body at angles over your knee.
I am a dancer: fingers
                                                   tread carpet,
 toes, tender-stroke the air.

A game of tug-tetris:

Let’s see which parts of you fit in me.

: Lap (reading audio – use headphones for best experience)

: Suck

I want you to lick my clit.
Pink-pearlescent love bead, doused in silk gasoline,
Run your tongue all over,
want me, the taste of my
Luscious laps
 tip sliding to unfold:
I am beauty botanical, unfurling at your
Lips, use to caress, coax me.
Draw me, in pools, from within.
  Ecstasy escaped in moans, my body
wirewool wound;
fingertips, pressing, mattress-excavating.
Slip,  sip,  slurp,
 let my liquid over your chin,
beard-mingling, strands glistening.

: Suck (reading audio – use headphones for best experience)

: Head

Head over lap, I take you in;
Your length, a flume into my breath.
    Lips, my, entrance to an oasis of erogeny:
 hot, dripping, wet, tight,
tropic-balmy bite, aflood in pools of

molten salt-taffy and splashing enzyme.

I thrill at your thrust inside my mouth, cum
so deep I can swallow you
My cheeks, filled with you, tussling
flesh on pink insides.
My tongue laps over tender tip, teeth graze latitudes:

A stroke,
a choke, and
Your ink

: Head (reading audio – use headphones for best experience)